Stereolithography 3D printer
INSL-800, 3D-printing, low volume
Printing Prancer

IndoMake INSL-800 is the 3D-printing warhorse that can win the battles of low volume production at affordable cost without sweating about Quality. This printing prancer 3D prints the models up to 800 X 800 X550 mm much quicker than any other resin printer. Resolute ultraviolet (UV) laser beams, high-quality optics, Scanlab's scanner system, automatic tank refilling, near to actual printing time forecast, and anytime accessibility is engraved to the core of Indomake INSL-800.

INSL-800, 3D-printing, Quality

Batch production capability fraternized with high-paced additive manufacturing solutions.

Ease of Use, high-quality prototyping, enduring Laser beam, hitchless printing operation, Germany's scanner is deep-rooted in IndoMake INSL-800. IndoMake INSL-800 is a marvellous engineering marble for small to medium manufacturing organizations that rely on hi-tech engineering automata.


Striking Printing Speed

The INSL-800 is optimized to expedites productivity and versatility to a new horizon, meeting the needs of industries, especially in the automotive and aerospace sector.


Extensive Industrial-Grade 3D Printing Capacity

The IndoMake INSL-800 3D-Prints working prototypes of the most challenging parts in size of up to 800X800X550 mm with precision. The IndoMake INSL-800 results in profoundly lessening processing time and costs and enables customized production of large prototype designs.


Aerospace & Defence

Robust to the Core

An extremely resolute granite reinforced printing platform with an aerospace-grade aluminum z-axis module is mounted on the solid steel frame at the core of the IndoMake INSL-800. This Robust design enhances precision and eradicates vibrations.



Liberty for Picking Printing Material

IndoMake INSL-800 can 3D-print with more than 10 different custom-designed printing materials with unique characteristics for functional prototypes and low volume manufacturing.

Healthcare & Medical

Made to measure Customization

We offer a considerable selection of customizations free of charge. Available upgrades include autofocus, automatic material refilling, environment sensors, as well as remote diagnostics and control, ensuring you are industry 4.0 ready.

Industries We cater

STPL3D offers high-quality Industrial 3D-Printers according to international standards. Our excellent client service has helped us achieve brand recognition worldwide. We are committed to providing high-quality 3D-Printers to our customers through strict quality control and timely deliveries.

How it works?

INSL-800, 3D-printing, Quality

IndoMake INSL-800 Technical Data Sheet

Printing Bed Size 800 x 800 x 550 mm (31.50 x 31.50 x 21.65 in)
Printing Speed 75 - 180 g/h (Signal Scanner)
Scanning Speed Recommended 6.0 m/s Maximum 10.0 m/s
Accuracy Part Size < 100 mm (3.9 in) ±0.1 mm (0.004 in) Part Size > 100 mm (3.9 in) ±0.1 % x L
Layer Thickness 0.1 mm (0.004 in)
Laser Type Diode - Pumped solid state laser Nd: YV04
Optical System SCANLAB Galvanometer Scanner
Beam Size (Fixed Spot) 0.08 mm - 0.15 mm
Beam Size (Variable Spot) Small Spot : 0.08 mm Large Spot : 0.45 mm
Operating Software Sirius Intelligent Printing Control Software Linux / Windows (Optional)
Machine Size W x D x H 1880 x 1570 x 2350 mm (74.02 x 61.81 x 92.52 in)
Ambient Temperature 22° to 25° C (71.6° to 77° F)
Relative Humidity Less than 40%
Power Requirements 200 - 240 VAC | 50/60 Hz | 16 A (Available according to local voltage standard)