Mascot for Atul Bakery

Industries : Branding & Marking

Profile : Atul Bakery from Surat is one of the Top brand in Gujarat in Bakery product and they have 60+ Stores around the Gujarat. They are very famous for their world record making 1000 cake cutting in the city and 100% vegetarian products.

Challenge : molds are amazing that’s why unique and charismatic characters can be a powerful marketing tools used for promotion. It’s always better for a certain company or brand to have its own personality. A molds can represent this personality well and also is remembered easily. They want to create 3 molds within 1 month time with 3D designing it from Scratch.

Solution : By using 2d reference pictures, we designed the molds in Zbrush. We created 1 feet proto within a 3 days with all post processing and delivered the entire solution by using FFF technology integration with traditional technology.

Result :

1. 90% reduction in lead time, from 2-3 month to less than a month.

2. 80–90% cost reduction, leading to 100,000 Rs in cost savings.

3. The 3D printed parts fulfilled the requirements of the demanding manufacturing environment and working with traditional technology created amazing combination.



Atul Bakery