Traditional Artisans

3D printing has seen applications at places where you would least expect it.

We at STPL 3D printing were introduced to local artisans who wanted the pinnacle of a temple, known as a kalash designed in a specific way, for which they had photographs which were provided to us.

After understanding how 3D printing works, they placed an order with us for 3D printing the kalash pattern for them as they wanted to then proceed to get the kalash casted in brass.

With the image and dimensions given, our dedicated team here at STPL 3D printing got down to work. Firstly, we divided the entire kalash into segments for easier planning, designing and printing of the entire object. Then, each segment was individually designed, ensuring accuracy and convenience in the designing process. The product was then assembled virtually and compared with the image provided to ensure that the final object was as per customer requirement.

Then came the actual printing part. The approved designs of the segments were sent to our 3D printers who printed the segments in a matter of just 3 days. If these local artisans wouldn’t have contacted us, the whole process to make the pattern for the kalash would have taken weeks, if not months. This is not only due to the fact that traditionally wood or ceramic is used for the pattern, but also because the dimensions were large ( 1975mm height and 302.92mm width to be exact) and the Kalash needed minute detailing, which would have taken additional time with the traditional processes.

The segments were printed in eco-friendly PLA (PolyLactic Acid) plastic, which is made from corn starch and is a high-performance composite material which can withstand the high temperatures of molten metal.

The artisans who probably did not even know about 3D printing prior to meeting us, were in awe with the speed in which the work was completed- in a matter of a maximum 10 days as against weeks or months required earlier.

This is only one instance where STPL 3D Printing has started to spread awareness about the benefits of 3D printing in industrial uses.

STPL 3D printing aims to do many such projects to popularise 3D printing amongst traditional industries/ artisans to show them that they can use the latest technologies at an affordable price.

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