5 Ways 3D Printing

Technology is running all aspects of our lives. Some technologies improve from time to time, others become obsolete after a point of time. However, there always seem to be some kinds of pros and cons with each technology. 3D print is however, different. It is a technology where the pros far outnumber its cons, giving it the potential to be the 21st Century’s premier technology that is one day going to be as commonplace as we have fridges and TVs at home. It is going to change the way we live, work and play. Here are 5 ways in which 3D print is going to change our world for the better.

Replacements for anything available anytime, anywhere

The biggest benefit of 3D printers is that you can print replacements of almost anything that you need, right at your home or office. Waiting for days for that all-important part (or parts) are now over. You can also print the exact number of parts required, as against ordering in bulk.

In fact, you can even get the blueprints of the parts that you need online, making the process even more simpler than ever before.

Efficient Construction Technologies

3D print isn’t just limited to engineering or related fields, entire homes are now being 3D printed. Besides saving a lot of time and resources, 3D print homes is also eco-friendly, as there is zero waste and the materials used sometimes consists of recyclable components which help us build a sustainable future.

It is also extremely fast, a house which usually takes weeks to construct can be done within a matter of 25 hours. 3D print houses is a great proposition for developing countries, where affordable housing demand is high and supply is low.

Prosthetics are more easily available and affordable

3D printer makes it possible to create low-cost prosthetics that can be a boon for the millions of amputees across the developing world. Many startups, like Not Impossible Labs have created prosthetics that are under $100 for children in third-world countries. This way, the latest 3D printer technologies can help the most disadvantaged people to live better lives.

Everything, even food will be 3D printed

We have seen engineering parts, art, toys even houses being 3D printed, but now even food is getting 3D printed. Currently, this is useful for astronauts who do not get to eat the right kinds of food at all times. Companies like 3D Systems and Foodini are ‘printer’ chocolates and pizzas respectively but this technology is going to take a lot of time to develop before it becomes commonplace.

'Print' the organs that you need

Sci Fi movies have shown us how the world would look like in the future. Now some of what was depicted is turning to be true. Researchers across the world have succeeded in 3D printer organic matter just the way it is found in our bodies. Of course, this technology is still in its infancy, but we can all look forward to a day when we can ‘print’ a working human heart instead of finding a suitable donor for a heart transplant patient.

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