STPL3D's latest SLA printer IndoMake INSL600 breathe life into the Indian 3D printing Industry.

3D printing technology is not new to the world. So many years passed when it was introduced to the manufacturing industries. Yet, it has not been widely accepted in Indian manufacturing industries due to various technological, phycological, and geological barriers. One of many barriers was the availability of proper equipment at a reasonable price with excellent service support. The opting latest technology is always a challenge but one of India's top 3D-printing companies, STPL3D has announced the unveiling of a new SLA 3D printer that will redefine the accessibility of industrial-grade SLA printers in India.

STPL3D is introducing a new SLA 3D printer in the 3D printing market, projected to grow exponentially by 2028.

Based on stereolithography technology, the IndoMake INSL600 printer will offer best-in-class 3D printed parts sizing up to 600x600x400 mm across a plenitude of sectors. Equipped with several modern-day facilities like remote access, automatic refilling, advanced scanner, and many more. The latest printer promises competitive cost-per-part and high throughput, minimal post-processing, and exceptional part quality.

Mr. Rahul Gaywala, Chief Executive Officer of STPL, added “ We are greatly inspired. "We believe that 3D printers will expand our addressable markets for the long term and equip our clients with advanced resources to recognize the advantages of additive manufacturing."

A pioneer and leader in the additive manufacturing industry, STPL3D is expanding in developing innovative technologies and applications to encourage the latest technology adoption through more profound customer engagement. It is admirable that STPL3D has focused for the last six years on its pioneering as a service provider for plastic-based Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and SLA 3D-printing solutions.

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