3D Printed Home Appliances

Consumer durable appliances like air conditioner, t.v, fridge, juicer, electric fan, and other small appliances are a staple in every home. But everything from smartphones to smart consumer products require rigorous testing before they hit the market. So a lot of time is involved in each R&D and prototyping cycle.  

With the advent of technology, more and more manufacturers of home appliances are taking advantage of the several benefits offered by 3D printing technology. This is because 3D printing process helps you develop the best product designs with greater design efficiency. Because of the significantly lower material costs, 3D printing is a dependable and cost-effective manufacturing procedure.

STPL3D is a well established player in the 3D Printer Industry making different printers from range of 300 to 1100 mm printing build sizes. STPL3D have advanced and efficient 3D printers which provide superior quality prototype with lowest tolerances, with fast printing operations, and ultra high-quality accuracy of parts.

Let us discover the various applications of 3d printing technology in the home appliance industry/consumer durable industry. 

Perfect Designing
The visualization of prototypes is critical in any product design. In comparison to a planar 2D model, a real prototype can be created quickly using 3D printing technology. The 3d print displays minute details of the design, making it more visible and dependable. This will ultimately result in an ideal match for your electronics components such as a circuit board.

Rapid Prototyping
Traditional manufacturing techniques is time consuming and less productive. Hence, designers of consumer products need a real solution for faster design cycle. This demonstrates the importance of 3D printing in consumer electronics research and prototype. With our INSL-600 printer, manufacturers can effortlessly build fully functional electronics in hours rather than days. Designers can experiment more frequently, evaluate functionality and incorporate redesigns before mass production.

Full-Scale Manufacturing
3D printing reduces repetitive steps of etching, pressing, drilling, and finishing operations during production of complicated electrical devices. A fully working board can be printed in less time than a traditional technique with the right 3d printer. STPl3D’s INSL-600 and INSL-800 are the perfect solution for all your printing as it can print, test, and redesign a single board in a day.

The need for using 3D printing in consumer durable electronics development is only going to increase by the day. Your company can also scale up the production and develop better electronic products with 3D printing technology. STPL3D have some of the best-in-class 3D printers with accurate beam quality, better optics, more refined scanning protocols which result in precise printing. 

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