Automotive Application

The automotive sector is dealing with needs on all fronts. the call for newer, efficient vehicles, in addition to the want to optimize manufacturing and streamline delivery chains and logistics. One technology which is helping to satisfy these demanding situations is 3D printing.  In fact, many automotive companies are already using the 3d printing to enhance their production. 

STPL3D is a top Manufacturer of 3D Printers in India which has different printing sizes capacity ranging from 300-1100mm. They have world class 3D printers which provide the best quality prototype and their exceptional printing speeds increases production efficiency in any industry. Their advanced and large-scale printers have transformed the ways in which automobile parts are designed, developed, manufactured, and distributed.

Here we explore the various benefits associated with using 3d printing technology in the automotive industry.

Increases Efficiency
The Indomake INSL-800 and Indomake INSL-1100 is designed to push productivity and versatility to new heights, fulfilling the demands of a wide range of industries, especially the automotive sector. The rapid prototyping capability of advanced 3D printers has increased production efficiency of automobile segment by more than 10 times.

Saves Time
3D printing enables automotive manufacturers and designers to produce large automotive prototypes within hours instead of days or weeks. STPL 3D can help you design tailored 3D solutions useful for the automobile industry. The 3D printers are beneficial as they shorten the development cycle and accelerate your design-to-prototype timeline for making parts in the automotive industry.

Large Scale Prototype
3D printing allows for the creation of complicated shapes that are not possible with other technologies. STPL’s most advanced large scale 3D printers can easily create complex parts and tools required in the automobile industry. It has a big printing layout which helps speedy prototyping and provide space in automobile styling and even unique design. It enables printing big-scale prototypes, such as automobile grilles, bumpers, dashboards etc.

Greater Customization
In response to the customers growing desire for customized parts and personalized experiences, automakers are looking for viable customization options. In solution, 3D printing gives a choice of different patterns and colours in printed car panels and bumpers. The customized parts are printed with Indomake INSL-800 printer which has one of the most superior quality, durability, and enduring Laser beam printers. 

Automotive companies are creating a variety of parts using the 3D printing technology like 3D-printed custom car seats, car bumper, automotive brackets and even tooling equipment. To conclude, we can say that 3D printing plays a pivotal role in automotive sector as it enables faster and better creation of designs, customize parts as required, save resources, and give speedy delivery of parts to waiting customers.

STPL3D printers can be a game changer in the automobile industry when it comes to technology, pricing, and customer satisfaction.